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  • Aloha Cybercafe has 87 high performance computers. 2 VIP rooms with 4 computers and x box and WII consoles. Spacious space and with excellent equipment. Call us at 67761890 to reserve your computer or for enquiries

  • Check out Aloha Cybercafe's Large library of latest games including hot favourites such as Call of Duty Black Ops, Battlefield 2 bad company, Starcraft 2 and many more

  • Want to play Dota, Counter Strike, Call of Duty, Maplesea, battlefield or Blackshot? You name it, we probably got it here at Aloha Cybercafe call us at 67761890 to enquire or reserve a computer!

  • rates of our internet/gaming services starts from as low as $1.60. We have package deals for the whole day starting at low prices. call us at 67761890.

  • If your site relates to an industry that has various service providers why not create a page or several pages relating to the key players within the market place.

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  • Want to exercise and wanna have fun at the same time? Here at Aloha Cybercafe, all that is possible with the introduction of Wii consoles in a private room. Call us to book or to enquiry at 67761890

  • Come over to Aloha cybercafe to Experience X box gaming in a whole new way. With the Wide .. TV screen and comfortable sofas for afforable prices. You'll be dragging your friends here